About Per Wickstrom


Before founding the addiction treatment centers Stone Hawk, A. Forever Recovery, and Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per Wickstrom spent over two decades struggling with addictions of his own. His relationship to drug abuse began as a teenager, when he was introduced to alcohol as a way to cope, with his girlfriend going out with one of his best friends. One drug led to another, until while still in high school Per Wickstrom was kicked out of his house and began dealing drugs to earn money. In 1999, he beat his addiction after realizing that he was the only one who could do so by undergoing treatment at a Narconon center.

Per Wickstrom has since shared his story through a number of venues. Relying heavily on social media as a means of reaching out to others, he uses his Twitter feed, which enjoys a following of more than 1,000, to provide links to addiction-related articles he has posted elsewhere online. Moreover, Mr. Wickstrom’s Flickr account showcases photographs not just from his travels but Best Drug Rehabilitation as well.

Per Wickstrom also posts articles on addiction, life management, and related topics to his blog at http://www.PerWickstrom.com. He maintains a steady stream of articles, some of which are aimed at parents looking for ways to help their children avoid addiction, others of which are designed to assist addicts themselves, whether during their addictions or in the throes of recovery. In November of 2012, Mr. Wickstrom also contributed a biographical post, entitled “From Addict to Entrepreneur: How I Overcame My Greatest Obstacle,” to The Blog at the Huffington Post.


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