Binge Drinking: Definition and Dangers

Having gone through his own journey of recovery, Per Wickstrom maintains several resources for individuals struggling with addiction. In addition to his several blogs, Per Wickstrom established Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan, where clients find a holistic, personalized approach to recovery and rehabilitation. One of the major barriers to seeking help is the inability to acknowledge the presence of a real problem. For this reason, Per Wickstrom strives to reach out to friends and family and provide them with the tools necessary for effective interventions.

Many individuals think of alcoholism as an inability to function without alcohol and, consequently, do not see binge drinking as a serious problem. A large part of the issue remains the fact that most people do not understand the definition of binge drinking. Simply put, the term refers to the consumption of alcohol in a single sitting to the point that the blood alcohol level exceeds 0.08 percent. This typically means five or more drinks for men and four or more for women.

Continued binge drinking takes a major toll on the body and leads to liver and brain damage, as well as cardiac issues. Binge drinking can result in sexual dysfunction and underperformance in the workplace, as well as various cancers. In addition, binge drinkers have a higher risk of developing a physical dependence on alcohol. Frequent binge drinking is a real problem, especially among high school and college students, populations that likely do not understand the real impact of their behavior on their future health.


The Potential of Art as a Tool in Overcoming Addiction

After conquering his own struggles with addiction, Per Wickstrom decided to devote his life to helping others achieve the same goal. Per Wickstrom has since founded multiple treatment facilities in Michigan, including Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per Wickstrom has created a holistic program that treats addiction from a variety of fronts. Individuals can create a recovery program largely based on their personal interests. One of the many workshops at the facility deals with art as an outlet for personal feelings. Many people who cannot express themselves verbally find art extremely therapeutic and a helpful route for exploring the psychological dependence that underlies their addiction.

Art facilitators at Best Drug Rehabilitation encourage individuals to view their work as a central element of their recovery. Art becomes an important emotional outlet for exploring the past, as well as a coping tool for overcoming feelings that could lead to relapse. Individuals at the facility engage in painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, and dancing, among other activities.

Per Wickstrom’s Elite Fighting and Fitness


The founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan, Per Wickstrom is a man in recovery himself. At the age of 38, Per Wickstrom hit rock bottom and could no longer enjoy the activities that once gave his life meaning. Since having his own life saved at an addictions center, he has committed himself to helping others struggling with addiction and providing younger generations with the tools they need to avoid substance abuse problems in the future. As part of this latter goal, he teamed with former WBO Cruiser Weight World Champion Tyrone Booze and Sugar Ray Tony Rozario to found Elite Fighting and Fitness in Battle Creek, Michigan.

In his younger years, Per Wickstrom boxed professionally. His time as a boxer taught him the vital role of sports and healthy competition in the development of children and young adults. Through his boxing academy, he teaches young minds the value of hard work and discipline. Perhaps most importantly, the students learn to respect each other. By instilling these values in today’s youth, he hopes to forge a future in which fewer individuals turn to substances to fill the holes in their lives. After all, life is a lot like boxing: You are always going to get hit. The trick is learning how to get back up.