The Potential of Art as a Tool in Overcoming Addiction

After conquering his own struggles with addiction, Per Wickstrom decided to devote his life to helping others achieve the same goal. Per Wickstrom has since founded multiple treatment facilities in Michigan, including Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per Wickstrom has created a holistic program that treats addiction from a variety of fronts. Individuals can create a recovery program largely based on their personal interests. One of the many workshops at the facility deals with art as an outlet for personal feelings. Many people who cannot express themselves verbally find art extremely therapeutic and a helpful route for exploring the psychological dependence that underlies their addiction.

Art facilitators at Best Drug Rehabilitation encourage individuals to view their work as a central element of their recovery. Art becomes an important emotional outlet for exploring the past, as well as a coping tool for overcoming feelings that could lead to relapse. Individuals at the facility engage in painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, and dancing, among other activities.