Binge Drinking: Definition and Dangers

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Many individuals think of alcoholism as an inability to function without alcohol and, consequently, do not see binge drinking as a serious problem. A large part of the issue remains the fact that most people do not understand the definition of binge drinking. Simply put, the term refers to the consumption of alcohol in a single sitting to the point that the blood alcohol level exceeds 0.08 percent. This typically means five or more drinks for men and four or more for women.

Continued binge drinking takes a major toll on the body and leads to liver and brain damage, as well as cardiac issues. Binge drinking can result in sexual dysfunction and underperformance in the workplace, as well as various cancers. In addition, binge drinkers have a higher risk of developing a physical dependence on alcohol. Frequent binge drinking is a real problem, especially among high school and college students, populations that likely do not understand the real impact of their behavior on their future health.